China Coast Community launches reconstruction project.

The China Coast Community (CCC) is launching a long-planned reconstruction project, which will add more beds to the home and make it a state-of-the-art care facility.

The new 45-bed facility will comprise mostly single rooms with en suite shower rooms, that will allow CCC Residents to live with dignity and in privacy. The 3-storey building will be future-proofed, with foundations supporting an additional floor, if in the future this is permitted.

One of CCC’s aims is to reach out to the elderly who have memory issues and to provide support for their families and carers. CCC is re-vamping a wide range of services and facilities, not only for its Residents but also for CCC Community Members, who will be assisted to remain independently in the community for as long as they can manage. Re-commencing post-Covid, activities and social events will be arranged for Residents and Community Members, including during the period of the redevelopment.

CCC is the only Residential Care Home for the Elderly in Hong Kong providing services for elderly persons of all nationalities, ethnicities, religions and cultures who are linked by the ability to speak the English language.

The construction of the new building alone will cost around $HK100 million, and fundraising for the new project is now underway.

If you would like to support us, please do get in touch.

The Past

The buildings at 63 Cumberland Road, were constructed in the 1930s and 1980s. All save for 2 rooms share communal bathrooms. The facilities are now out-dated and do not reflect current standards for elderly care e.g. the corridors are not wide enough for 2 wheelchairs to pass each other; there is only one small lift that does not accommodate a bed; there is a difference in height between 2 parts of the building, which is a challenge for Residents with mobility issues. Matters have become more acute because, as compared with the Residents when CCC first opened, the current profile of CCC Residents is older and frailer, many being wheelchair or bed-bound. Moreover, the building and its facilities have required repeated and costly renovations and repair.

CCC appointed Consultants – Architects, Structural Engineers, Planners – to carry out feasibility studies and advise on the way forward, with the objective that the elderly be enabled to age-in-place, with dignity and privacy.

“After studying the options, CCC’s Consultants advised us that the existing buildings could not be extensively renovated to achieve CCC’s goal. Reconstruction was the only feasible way to provide the optimal services for our residents and the community. The Consultants also advised that it was not feasible to re-build with the residents in situ as it would be too dusty, too noisy, too disruptive, and potentially dangerous for them.” said Corinne Remedios, the Chair of CCC’s Executive Committee.

The Future

Key elements of the project include making sure the new home is more accessible for residents and more fit for purpose. Corridors and room doors will be wide enough to permit a bed to pass through. There will be 2 lifts, one of which will accommodate a hospital bed. There will be an Education Room and a Rehabilitation Room, with an outdoor hydrotherapy pool. There will be a pantry and communal areas on each floor. The Living and Dining Rooms will open onto outdoor spaces, providing opportunity for Residents, their families and visitors to spend quality time together at the Home. On the first and second floors, some rooms will be in secure areas, to accommodate Residents with memory issues who tend to wander. There will be 3 double rooms to cater for couples. The rest will be single rooms with en suite shower rooms, except for 4 single rooms. All ground floor rooms will have direct access into the garden.

The new design will make full use of the grounds and will be a mix of communal areas, residential rooms and garden space, which the architect has made a key feature of the design.

“The site has such a nice environment, there is such calmness there in the context of Hong Kong, so I try to capture that calmness, that quietness, this landscape, the garden space – the greenery is very precious. I want to integrate all that into the building,” said Billy Tam, the lead architect of the project.

“For some of the residents who are on the first or second floor, even if they have limited mobility and can’t go down into the garden itself, the design means that they will feel they are in the garden,” said Tam.

The Architect’s General Building Plans have been submitted and Buildings Department Approval has been given to demolish and construct. CCC is currently working with other Departments to obtain the remaining consents for the re-development to go ahead. The pre-construction work is therefore in its final phase.

Once work commences, the new facility should be completed in two to three years. Funding is now being sought and your help would be greatly appreciated.