Manager’s Report

Another year has gone by for us here at China Coast Community (CCC) with loads of achievements to speak about. The past year has been an enjoyable journey for all of us. With the help of Executive Committee Members, Residents and Resident’s families, we were able to accomplish a lot over the past financial year.

China Coast Community has grown exponentially over the year, through increasing the occupancy rate from 69% (static for the last 6 years) to 100% occupancy. The reputation of China Coast is something that the staff and residents are very proud of and it is presenting clearly in the occupancy rate, and our increased waiting list. I am full of pride for the staff and how they have ‘stepped up’ to take China Coast Community to the next level in quality care for our Residents.

We have come a long way from the Strategic Directions Document devised in October of 2015, and with the full support of the Executive Committee Members we have followed the plan faithfully. The Strategic Directions Document guided us forward to the commencement of a Feasibility Study to support the future of the China Coast Community. The Feasibility Study was well received, giving us 3 options from which to choose our way forward and was adopted by the Executive Committee Members with confidence in the way forward.

To further our aspiration to build a New Care and Attention Home, on this site at Kowloon Tong, China Coast Community was blessed with a donation of $23.75m to permit us to promote our work without delay. This bequest was very welcome allowing us to kick-start fundraising with a positive bank balance towards our rebuild. Our vision of the future indicated below.

This year CCC Executive Committee Members chose the Annual Christmas party to rejoice with and thank our long serving staff members. It is essential that we celebrate the staff who have been with us on our journey and supported us for so long. Without them we would not have the corporate memory that we have to educate new staff who come along. It was a lovely presentation with our Chairman, Jon Addis and our Deputy Chairman, David Fok doing the honours.

While we have seen the passing of Residents, some who have been with us for some time, we have also welcomed new residents into our Community. New Residents with their families always bring new ideas and enjoyment in many different ways. We have also welcomed new staff into the mix, with Registered Nurses and domestic staff joining the team. The team has enjoyed the change, however the pace of work increases, with the occupancy at 100%. The staff are to be congratulated on their efforts in managing to deliver such high calibre service and care to our Elderly Residents. Last but not least thanks must go to our Management and Executive teams, without whose efforts we would not be where we are today. They give of their volunteer time and effort to ensure that CCC runs smoothly over the year. Residents and staff are grateful for their continuing support.

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Welcome to the heart of compassion and care, where China Coast Community is crafting a brand new haven for cherished lives.

We are currently closed for redevelopment but for more information on our future plans, please visit our Future page.